Monolith: β€œan organized whole that acts as a single, unified, powerful, or influential force.”

Rebranding a newer small business isn’t something that’s easy to do. Dirt Run Co. had a cult-like following, with some customers even getting tattoos of the original Dirt Run Co. logo.

mockup of dirt run co retractable banners

But alas, here we are.

Naming Monolith Trail Co.

After one hefty rebrand to Trailbound in January 2021 and the realization that we’d broached on a potential trademark infringement, we had to look at yet another rebrand. Why not go back to Dirt Run Co.? Well, someone had already registered for a trademark of “Run Dirt”. While we could contest that our business had been around longer, it still could pose a threat to our brand and potential lawsuits that we weren’t willing to shell out money for.

Besides–when Brady left, I decided to make a change to the business and go beyond just trail running. I wanted to include hikers, bikers, and trail runners–people who have a common love for the trails. My friends Coco Lyons and Cory Logsdon helped me talk through many names, and we finally stuck on Monolith: “an organized whole that acts as a single, unified…force.”

Monolith Trail Co.: One of many.

monolith trail co. logo

Monolith Trail Co.: One of many

Regardless of whether you’re fast or slow, a trail runner, a hiker, a biker, or what your race, gender, or creed is–Monolith Trail Co. represents all of those who appreciate the outdoors. We do our best to encourage others to get outside, pick up that piece of garbage on the trail, and spend time in the wonders of nature.

Apparel moving forward

Remember when I said rebranding a business wasn’t easy? Yeah, it’s especially challenging when you are an apparel company. Dirt Run Co. was always know for its unique designs and short runs of apparel, and it will most certainly be a challenge to meet that same level of uniqueness moving forward. So what will change? What will stay the same?

What will stay the same

After this first quarter drop, we’ll keep up with adding those sick, unique designs you remember from Dirt Run Co. The Flatlander design will make a comeback. Short runs of those awesome singlets and shirts will stick around…with new designs (many still by Brady West) to keep your bank accounts in check.

What will change

We have been working hard on brainstorming new product drops every quarter to start. We are also working on a lineup that will serve as our standard core–meaning we’ll have the same buffs, quarter-zips, hats, and singlets that we’ll keep in season all year round with the standard logo. When you rebrand, you need to have somethings that are consistent to not only set you apart from others but also to make a statement for recognition.

We’re adding shipment tracking. We’ll be working together on the new Trail Journal, where our community comes together to submit stories, race recaps, and much more. The Trail Team will reopen its doors for ambassadors with a new design and assistance with social media sharing and posting.

Final thoughts

I’m totally stoked to start this new/old adventure called Monolith Trail Co.

One of many. Many for one.