Kevin Brown
My running “career” started at a local Race for The Cure 5K. I never really had an interest for organized running or racing but was coerced into it and actually enjoyed the atmosphere….a lot!
I attempted to run the race with music but my ear buds kept falling out. At the moment I was annoyed but the rhythmic beat of the 1,000s of footsteps is what got me hooked. 
After Race for the Cure I was challenged to a trail race through the bluffs of Mount Crescent just outside of Crescent, IA. I had about a month to get ready for my first Beer and Bagel run and looked forward to what the trails could throw at me. I was nervous and excited at the same time. The race was just a little further than the 5K so how hard could it be. LOL
As difficult as that race was I had the absolute time of my life!!! I felt a calling to the trails and knew I preferred dirt over pavement. The view over the Missouri River Valley from the edge of the bluff was amazing, the peacefulness of being away from the city, the smell of nature rather than car exhaust and the hills were apparently what I craved.
And so it began….
I have participated in numerous GOATz races, Trail Nerds, Trail Hawks and some other low key but super awesome trail races.  5-mile races up to 50-milers. The 100K is tempting and 100 miles scares the poop out of me but I imagine those will get thrown in the mix at some point. It’s not like there isn’t any peer pressure in the sport 😉 Plus, what better way to spend a day or two than suffering through miles, conquering the others, eating like a horse and peeing in the woods with friends? LOL
Ahhhh, trail running….