Ambassador Applications

Got what it takes to be on the Monolith Trail Team?

Become an ambassador

Monolith Trail Co. is looking for some bad asses who are active—in running, hiking, biking, and on social media—to join the Monolith Trail Team and share Monolith Trail Co. with the world.

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What you get

The Monolith Trail Team helps the running community look rad and get dirtier on the trails. They get sweet benefits no one else does, like these:

  • Sneak peeks at all our new lines before they are released to the public

  • First opportunities to purchase limited edition swag at discounts

  • 35% off discounts of all Monolith Trail Co. offers

  • Some freebies just for the Trail Team

  • Private Instagram and Facebook groups.

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What you do

We love the Trail Team members who share our love on a consistent basis and aren’t afraid to go out of their comfort zone to be, well, bad ass. Here’s what we expect from our team members:

  • Love for Monolith Trail Co. brand

  • Love to be outdoors

  • Post regularly on Facebook and Instagram (publicly)

  • Rep the brand both on and off the trails when possible

  • Tell people about your love for Monolith Trail Co.

  • Test products and provide feedback

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Got what it takes?

If you’re a bad ass and are down for all of this, apply today!

2021 Monolith Trail Team Applications are Open!

How would you represent Monolith Trail Co.? Check all that apply.

What is your hat preference? Check all that apply.